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10 Questions I Ask Myself to Stay Invested in Tomorrow

Embracing long-term decisions over short-term gratification is like buying shares of stock in yourself. Over the last ten years of building Sterling & Stone, this has been our biggest and most constant battle.

But if we keep winning (focusing on the long term, no matter what), then we ensure a legacy of creativity and innovation that outlives the fleeting victories of immediate gains.

With our approach to publishing, the way we play the Hollywood game, and now with our premium ghosting, we are constantly crafting our decisions based on what is best for story studio’s collective tomorrow.

Having a toolkit of reflective questions can be invaluable for cutting through the fog of more immediate desires on the climb to your higher goals and aspirations.

Here are 10 questions I ask myself to ensure I’m navigating toward the future I want, and never sitting shotgun on my way to a subpar tomorrow.

1.  What decision would the person I’m trying to become make right now? This question aligns my actions with the vision of my best future self.

2. What decision would the average person make? This question helps me to transcend mediocrity by making choices that set me apart from the status quo.

3. What would I advise my best friend to do in this situation? This question encourages objectivity, allowing me to step outside my personal bias and consider what advice I’d offer someone I care about, then apply that wisdom to my own life.

4. What would I do if I didn’t care about the opinions of others? This question liberates me from the constraints of external validation to focus on what truly matters. 

5. What am I sacrificing in the short term for long-term gain? This question reminds me that enduring temporary discomfort for the sake of permanent achievement is always worth it. 

6. Am I making this decision out of fear or love? This question aligns the motivation behind my choices, so I can operate from a place of passion and positivity rather than avoidance or fear.

7. What would I choose if I knew I couldn’t fail? This question encourages risk-taking and bold choices by stripping the fear of failure from the equation.

8. How will this impact the people closest to me? My decisions are also for the people I love, and this question reminds me to not forget that.

9.  What’s driving my decision: emotion or logic? This question urges me to balance rational thought with emotional intuition.

10. Am I seeking comfort or growth? Discomfort is a catalyst for growth. This question helps me to prioritize personal development over the seduction of immediate comfort.

Each of these questions strips the layers of my immediate impulses, so I can ensure my decisions are conscious investments in the future I’m working toward, instead of base reactions to my present situation.

If you want to stay invested in yourself, having a checklist of questions that you learn to ask yourself in a blink will keep you on course.