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A Yard in Our Stars 

Sawyer Black is a special breed of storyteller. 

One of the best compliments we can give a storyteller at Sterling & Stone is, “You are the only person in the world who could write that.” 

That is true for most of what Sawyer Black writes. The dude was born for screenplays, but this short story is an excellent example of how gorgeous his prose can be, and how deep he can dig into the emotions even with a sparsity of words. 

Buckle up for a dark fantasy world that would make Guillermo del Toro proud as you meet Jonathan Standwell, a battle-hardened commander in the army of the Light Reach, penning a heartfelt letter to his deceased wife while facing the impending doom of the Dark Reach’s forces.

Worldbuilding is one of Sawyer’s fortes, and what he’s built here is beautifully insane, from resurrected soldiers held together by prayer to a navy marshal with no legs rolling up in a steam-powered wheelchair. Ogres, trolls, and even a guest appearance by Cthulhu himself, in a story that reads like a mashup of steampunk, dark fantasy, and eldritch horror.

But beneath all the magic and mayhem, A Yard in Our Stars is a deeply personal tale about love, loss, and the toll of endless war. Through Jonathan’s memories, we see the tender moments he shared with his wife, the sacrifices she made to support him, and the power of their love to sustain him through the darkest of times, amid a recurring theme of the destructive nature of war and how it twists and corrupts all it touches. 

The prose is hauntingly beautiful, with vivid descriptions that paint a picture of a world ripped apart by conflict. There are moments of pure horror and breathtaking wonder.

This is a story that sticks with you, haunting in its beauty and devastating in its conclusion. I would share this one if I were you. 

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