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The Art of Collaboration: A 21-Part Guide

Welcome to The Art and Craft of Collaboration, an ethos deeply woven into the fabric of Sterling & Stone. For us, collaboration transcends strategy — it is the heartbeat of our creativity, productivity, and personal growth.

With over a decade and a half of experience working with hundreds of writers, I’ve witnessed the full spectrum of outcomes: from massive successes to steep learning curves. Each partnership, fruitful or not, has been a stepping stone on my journey.

Now, I’m here to share these insights through a comprehensive 21-part guide designed to transform your approach to creative collaboration.

Loneliness is chronic in today’s world. The need for connection, especially among creators, is undeniable. This series aims to equip you with hard-earned tools and insights to help you navigate the nuances of collaboration. Whether you’re looking to deepen your creative endeavors, expand your network, or find a kindred spirit in the vast sea of storytelling, this series is for you.

Every Wednesday, we’ll dive into a different facet of collaboration:

  • Why Collaborate?
  • What Keeps People From Collaborating? 
  • How to Tell if Collaboration Isn’t For You
  • Who Should Not Collaborate 
  • How to Have a Collaborative Mindset
  • How to Find Your Perfect Creative Partner
  • How to Spot Red Flags in Your Potential Creative Partner 
  • Growing Toward Being a Better Collaborator
  • Collaborative Superpowers and Kryptonite
  • Start Your Collaboration Off On The Right Foot 
  • How to Build Stronger Creative Teams with Effective Communication
  • Mastering Conflict Resolution
  • Having Difficult Conversations That Make Your Collaboration Stronger
  • Saying “Yes, And …” plus Other Improv Techniques That Make You Better at Collaboration
  • Effective Brainstorming Strategies 
  • How to Cultivate a Culture of Creative Collaboration
  • Smart Strategies for Building a Collaborative Culture
  • What to Do When a Collaboration Goes to Shit (Part 1: Signs That You Need To Break Up)
  • What to Do When a Collaboration Goes to Shit (Part 2: Preparing For The Break-Up)
  • What to Do When a Collaboration Goes to Shit (Part 3: Negotiating the Break-Up)
  • What to Do When a Collaboration Goes to Shit (Part 4: Executing the Break-Up)

“Sounds awesome, Sean, but what makes your fancy-pants collaboration guide different?”

Well, I never said it was fancy, and it’s definitely not wearing pants, but the advice does come rooted in real-world experiences, born from a community of collaborative creators, currently more than forty authors strong.

We’ve solved the problem of loneliness for our storytellers. Hopefully this series can help do the same thing for you. Let’s redefine how we create — together.

See you next Wednesday!