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Time is supposed to heal all wounds, but it’s stopped for Thomas Witt, Crash’s wrecked to pieces protagonist. He can’t get over the accident that stole everything from him. Because it’s a Dave story, that means popping pills to forget, doing whatever he can to dull his physical and emotional pain, and becoming obsessed with discovering something — anything — that might help him move on. 

Robot Proletariat 

“It’s like Downton Abby with robots!”  That was the original pitch for Robot Proletariat as conceived by Johnny and myself the one time we met up in person while we both still lived in Ohio — at some mall in Columbus, roughly midway between his… Read More »Robot Proletariat 


The premise of Monstrous is simple. After years of struggle, comedian Henry Black finally had it all — a loving family and a thriving career. But in one night, it’s all ripped away when a trio of intruders murder his daughter and put an end to his world. Fortunately for the reader, death isn’t the end for Henry. When given the chance to return to his wife, he accepts. Except he’s no longer the man he was — or even a man at all. 

Write. Publish. Repeat.

I love how many people it helped and how many doors it opened for us. Our entire story studio is one degree of separation away from the book, which was born because the three of us felt like we owed it to an audience that listened through an hour of yammering and nonsense for the ten minutes or so of indie-publishing gems we dropped each week. 

Everyone Gets Divorced  

Back to Everyone Gets Divorced. it was originally pitched as How I Met Your Mother meets Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This kind of mashup is now a Sterling & Stone staple, but this story is the first time we nailed it. In concept and execution, those elements in that pairing is exactly what this nine-episode stab at a prose driven sitcom experience delivers. 


Plugged is the coolest book I’ve ever written. Not because it takes place in the coolest world or has the coolest characters. This book is cooler than a glacier in sunglasses simply because it exists. Sterling & Stone has 400+ published books in its library, but Plugged is a secret marvel, recognized by a discerning few.

Last Night Never Happened 

Last Night Never Happened channels the electric pace of The Flight Attendant with the wild, comedic twists of The Hangover, delivering a story that’s as addictive as it is entertaining, perfect for those of us who thrive on high-speed narratives brimming with unexpected turns. We’re working on getting the script for this sold, but you can read the novel free for a week here if you promise to review it.

The Beam

The Beam was designed to feel like television at its best. It doesn’t have an overly developed plot so much as characters and a fully-realized world that’s unlike anything else our studio has ever produced. It’s deep, emotionally expensive work. The time cost to work on the series is high, as is the mental tax of accounting for the countless details in this all-too-believable near-future world.

Unicorn Western

I was talking about a western I’m still planning to write someday. Dave was mocking me for skirting the research, insisting that any western I’d write would eventually end up with unicorns.

The Sleeper

The Sleeper is the first time I collaborated with a storyteller from outside of Sterling & Stone, but it was a rewarding experience, knowing that everything in this tall tale could theoretically happen in real life.