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The Sleeper

The Sleeper is the first time I collaborated with a storyteller from outside of Sterling & Stone, but it was a rewarding experience, knowing that everything in this tall tale could theoretically happen in real life. 


WhiteSpace was our fourth series. By then we were thinking like show runners. The scope of stories like Yesterday’s Gone and ForNevermore are vast, because they include massive set pieces like an emptied out Times Square and a parallel universe with zeppelins, minotaurs, towering black walls, and half-robot, half-human queens.

Yesterday’s Gone

The story of Yesterday’s Gone is also, in a way, the story of our studio. The decision to write Yesterday’s Gone came at one of the clearer crossroads in my life, where I turned my back on a lucrative copywriting and consulting career to embrace the roller coaster ride in pursuit of my passion.

Writer Dad

More than the name of my first book, Writer Dad was also the name of my first blog. I had no idea what I was doing back then, so I did it with all of my heart. Cindy and I were running a preschool at… Read More »Writer Dad