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Life So Far

Meet My Grandparents

In a life with few regrets, I do wish I could rewind the clock to let my grandparents know how much they meant to me, how extraordinary I think they were, and that watching them all of those weekends as a child helped me to better nurture my own children.

A Marketplace of Dreams

Growing up with two entrepreneurial parents taught me plenty about the perennial effort required to build a successful business, the inherent value of understanding early on that rolling along the assembly line of normality was not a prerequisite for my life, and the unwavering reality that quality mattered.

The Day I Became a Storytelling Entrepreneur

I was five years old, bored out of my mind, and just old enough to instinctively grasp a truth I would cling to like treasure for the rest of my life: that the only cure for boredom is curiosity.