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Plotting Success

Pivot Vs. Iterating (These Words Are Not Synonyms)

Pivoting can be positive or negative. Sometimes it’s a moment of realization that the path you’re on is not where you need to be, so a bold leap in a new direction is required. In those instances, it’s a strategic choice made at the crossroads. But other times it’s less a strategic shift and more like a knee-jerk reaction, driven by the thrill of change rather than its necessity.

The LinkedIn Experiment

Why have I gone from zero interest in LinkedIn to heavily investing our studio resources in establishing a presence on the platform? Invisible Ink charges $100K to ghostwrite a perennial seller, if I’m the one drafting.  Screenplays sell for hundreds of thousands, and every script… Read More »The LinkedIn Experiment

Why We Pilot Everything

Sterling & Stone has been stealing from TV for its entire existence.  Yesterday’s Gone would not have been nearly as successful without us cribbing the “episode” and “season” language from television. We’ve borrowed tropes and set pieces a plenty, for sure. But no single practice… Read More »Why We Pilot Everything