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Plotting Success


Fear-based accounting was the number one impediment to our growth until we finally corrected the problem. We started using paid Slack immediately following our former CFO’s departure. Our studio has run smoother every day since, thanks to that decision. 

I Read “Year of Yes” So You Don’t Have to

You have the power to write a new story, one daring YES at a time. Or as Shonda puts it so perfectly in the book: “I think a lot of people dream. And while they are busy dreaming, the really happy people, the really successful people, the really interesting, powerful, engaged people? Are busy doing.” Stop waiting for permission, perfection, or the right time.

Candor and Manners: How We Nurture Creative Genius

Candor ensures your message is clear, honest, and direct. A lighthouse guiding your words through the foggy sea of ambiguity, ensuring that your intentions are illuminated and your meaning is unmistakable. Manners delivers the truth in a way that is respectful, considerate, and ultimately, more likely to be heard and acted upon. It’s the difference between a blunt instrument and a surgical tool — both can be effective, but the latter is far more precise and less likely to cause unintended damage.

Plotting Success

Starting next week, we’ll dive deep into each of these flywheels, with actionable strategies I encourage you to steal. By focusing on one or two of these areas, you can maximize your results and tailor the takeaways to your own talent, ambition, and level of experience.


Whether you’re naming a startup or a protagonist, a product or a fantasy realm, take the time to explore, brainstorm, and refine. Consider meaning, sound, and cultural context. Above all, choose a name that captures the essence of what you’re trying to communicate to the world.

The Enneagram: Where Personality Meets Plot

I love the Enneagram because it goes beyond surface-level traits to focus on the core motivations, fears, and desires that drive our behavior. This assessment doesn’t put people in boxes; it acknowledges that we all view the world through different lenses. 

How to Turn No Way into No Problem

In the realm of storytelling, a growth mindset allows us to develop richer, more dynamic worlds, characters, and narratives. It encourages us to push the boundaries of our creativity, to explore uncharted genres, and to tell stories that resonate deeply and inspire endlessly.

The Magic of Flywheels for Hyper-Growth

The power of the flywheel lies not just in its ability to drive success, but in its transformative effect on our mindset, reminding us that growth is not a destination.This flywheel mindset empowers us to face challenges head-on, knowing that every obstacle overcome is another step towards unprecedented success (because if it’s not the ending, then it’s only a plot twist!). What flywheels are you already pushing? And is there an area in your life where you could gain momentum by building a new one?