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Plotting Success

How to Save the Cat in Your Business

Successful entrepreneurs understand the power of narrative, and Snyder’s titular concept — ensuring your hero performs an act that endears them to the audience — translates seamlessly into the business world.

The Rate of Change is Changing 

I started out this year committed to capturing the wins of each day. It seems especially important at a time when my days don’t always go as planned. It’s easy to feel like I’m not getting things done, just because my accomplishments didn’t start their day on a list. 

Pivot Vs. Iterating (These Words Are Not Synonyms)

Pivoting can be positive or negative. Sometimes it’s a moment of realization that the path you’re on is not where you need to be, so a bold leap in a new direction is required. In those instances, it’s a strategic choice made at the crossroads. But other times it’s less a strategic shift and more like a knee-jerk reaction, driven by the thrill of change rather than its necessity.

The LinkedIn Experiment

Why have I gone from zero interest in LinkedIn to heavily investing our studio resources in establishing a presence on the platform? Invisible Ink charges $100K to ghostwrite a perennial seller, if I’m the one drafting.  Screenplays sell for hundreds of thousands, and every script… Read More »The LinkedIn Experiment