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Sunday Story Time

Respero Dinner

I wrote about a faded diner on the outskirts of nowhere stuck in a time loop; spun a yarn about about an AI GPS disciplining a cheating husband behind the wheel; and my favorite of that first trio, Respero Dinner. 

Infinite Doors by Platt & Truant

When I’m writing with Johnny, our stories always go the inquisitive fiction route, asking the bigger questions that an infinite canvas affords us, while also adding a comedic touch. We ended up with “an intergalactic Starbucks” as our setting, a librarian as our main character, and “finger licking” as our conflict.

Infinite Doors by Platt & Wright

Once upon a time, Johnny, Dave, and I tried an experiment, asking our Self-Publishing Podcast Facebook group to come up with a few characters, settings, and conflict ideas for us to live-brainstorm into a story, using a half-hour on air.