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How I Write More Than Anyone I Know (Except For Kat)

Last year I wrote more than a dozen books, plus a dozen scripts, while also expanding our studio roster to over forty gifted storytellers.  

Yes, I had co-authors on many of those projects, but I handled the rough drafts for most of them. And not because I had help with AI — this is the same speed of creation I’ve managed for more than a decade. 

A smart schedule is the unsung hero of my productivity. I’m an organizational mess by nature. But within the confines of structure, I find boundless freedom to create.

One of my creative partners, Johnny B Truant, used to write more than anyone I know. The nature of my job now has me exceeding his word count, but Kat makes us both look like amateurs. 

At Sterling and Stone, we call hitting 10K+ words in a day “making cheese.” Kat makes cheese more than anyone I’ve ever met. Probably keeps a grater next to her laptop. Kat’s also an excellent example of someone who lives in a flow state, so that fast equals sterling quality instead of rushed and half-assed. 

Kat and I both have scattered brains, but get up early and follow a schedule like blueprints for our day. The details are boring, but the broad strokes show how a basic shape allows for improvisation and innovation to bloom in the margins.

My days get divided into three parts: Maker Time, Me Time, and Manager Time. 

Maker Time: I wake up creative and ready to go, but get progressively dumber by the hour. Writing is a relentless procession of micro-decisions, an infinite well that gets drained before refilling. I divide Maker Time in two parts. From when I wake up (4:00ish) to when I go on a walk with Cindy (7:30), I work on the Garden (our internal app where ideas are submitted and vetted), short stories, and now LinkedIn/blog posts (site coming soon). From after our walk until lunch it’s novels, scripts (for partner and internal projects), and client work. 

Me Time: Cindy makes a killer lunch. We eat together, then nap. 

Manager Time: Emails, slacks, texts, LinkedIn, etc. Relationship management and meetings galore. Generals with new production companies, partners we’re already working with, clients and potential clients, plus internal meetings. 

Afternoons are a fiesta of collaboration: ideas traded, decisions made, and paths passionately plotted.

Dinner is always delicious, and after a long day of telling stories, I’m looking forward to time on the couch with Cindy, having stories told to us. We subscribe to all the streamers and watch the shit out of everything. 

Weekends follow the same morning schedule, but I clock out at lunch time. Every day is intermingled with walks (including dictation) and bursts of exercise. 

Of course, my schedule bends and sways with the best of them. But by having a framework to anchor my productivity, immense achievements are not just possible — they’re inevitable.