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I Read “100M Offers” So You Don’t Have To!

Hey, you…

Stop scrolling and get a flash lesson on creating irresistible offers your customers will need like air in their lungs.

Alex Hormozi’s “100M Offers” is one of the best books I’ve ever read on this subject.

Let’s trade 1 minute of your time for 7 takeaways.

Hormozi is an entrepreneur and marketing genius who’s built a business empire by mastering the art of crafting offers people can’t refuse (without horse heads in their beds.)

Instead of simply selling products or services, Hormozi cares more about engineering value in a way that turns prospects into eager customers.

Understanding the psychology behind WHY people buy.
Packaging and presenting your offers in a compelling manner.
Making your offers stand out in a crowded marketplace.

7 lessons in this book:

1. Value is subjective. Perceived value determines how much customers are willing to pay, so focus on enhancing that perception. A diamond is just a rock until it’s cut, polished, and showcased under the right light.

2. Make your offer a no-brainer. Create offers with such high value and low risk that it feels illogical to turn them down. Like getting a gourmet meal for the cost of a snack.

3. Understand your customer deeply. Know their pain points, desires, and drivers. Like a tailor who takes precise measurements to craft a perfect-fitting suit.

4. Stack the value.
Combine multiple elements to boost your offer’s overall value enough to make it irresistible. Like if a burger with fries, a drink, and a dessert cost the same as just the burger.

5. Make guarantees powerful. Strong guarantees reduce perceived risk and increase trust for higher conversions. “If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back and you can keep the product.”

6. Scarcity and urgency. Use scarcity and urgency to prompt immediate action and prevent procrastination. Like a flash sale that ends at midnight, with 10 items left.

7. Test and iterate. Continuously test your offers and make adjustments based on feedback and performance. Chefs tweak their recipes, tasting and refining to perfection.

Transform your business by creating offers that are impossible to refuse.

Or as Alex perfectly puts it:

“Make offers so good, people feel stupid saying no.”