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I Read “Atomic Habits” So You Don’t Have To!

Hey, you…

Let’s chat Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I’ve been trying to get my son to read this book for over two years now.

He’s exactly this kind of learner. If he internalizes the lessons in this book, he will immediately have a better life.

The kid isn’t much of a reader. But he’ll trade 1 minute for 7 powerful lessons that can transform his life, one tiny change at a time.

You can too:

James Clear is a master of habit formation, with a formula that’s helped millions optimize their daily routines and reach their biggest goals.

His approach is all about embracing the power of compounding improvements.

Instead of shooting for radical pivots that are hard to sustain, Clear advocates stacking micro habits — 1% tweaks that add up to remarkable results over time.

Picture your progress like a bamboo plant…

You water it daily, seeing no visible growth for weeks, then suddenly it shoots up by 90 feet in 60 days!

7 key habits from this book:

1. Start small. Commit to tiny actions you can stick with, like one push-up a day. Small wins fuel bigger victories. 💪

2. Focus on systems > goals. Prioritize developing solid habits and trust that the results will follow. 🎯

3. Make it obvious. Clearly link habits to triggers, like leaving your running shoes by the door. 👟🚪

4. Make it attractive. Pair habits with things you enjoy. Listen to audiobooks only at the gym. 🎧🏋️

5. Make it easy. Shrink habits to take <2 mins, like doing just 1 yoga pose. Consistency beats intensity. 🧘

6. Make it satisfying. Reward yourself for showing up. Put a gold star ⭐ on the calendar for each day you write.

7. Embrace patience. Most people quit just before the inflection point. All big things come from small beginnings. 🌱➡️🌳

You have the power to reinvent yourself through the compound effect of tiny choices, stacked day after day.

Or as James puts it:

“Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them for years.”

Pick one micro habit and start today. The future you will thank you!