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I Read “The Coming Wave” So You Don’t Have To!

Hey, you…

Like most people in the world, I’m sure your curious about all things AI…

But you’ve not yet had time to read one of the best books I’ve read on the subject.

Let’s trade 1 minute of your time for 7 takeaways from “The Coming Wave.”

Mustafa Suleyman is a tech visionary who’s been at the forefront of digital revolutions, with credentials that make Silicon Valley elites go up and up and up.

His book is all about how he envisions the next big transformation by making one simple commitment:

Embracing the tidal wave of change.

Instead of resisting the increasingly-inevitable advancements in AI, biotechnology, and digital ecosystems, Mustafa dives headfirst into understanding and harnessing their potential.

Envisioning a world transformed by technology.

Grappling with the ethical dilemmas posed by these innovations.

Preparing for disruptions that will reshape economies and societies.

7 lessons in this book:

1. Embrace the inevitability of change. Technological evolution is a constant, and adaptability determines our potential for success. (At S&S, we currently have a studio ban on generative prose, but this tool gets sharper by the day, so of course we prepare for the future.)

2. Ethical considerations are paramount. We must address moral implications to ensure that new technologies benefit humanity. (We need to consider privacy, consent, and the potential for bias in AI systems to uplift everyone instead of a privileged few.)

3. Collaboration over competition. The future of innovation lies in partnerships that transcend borders, industries, and previously-established paradigms. (Collaboration is our studio’s core value, and that’s never been more important.)

4. Prepare for disruption. Industries will be transformed, and the ability to pivot is crucial for survival. (I meditate on this truth daily.)

5. Knowledge is power. Understanding the science behind emerging tech leads to more informed decisions. (I try to understand what in our past gave birth to the present, so I can anticipate our future whenever possible).

6. Balance optimism with caution. Technology holds immeasurable promise, but we must be wary of unintended consequences. (I dread a world where AI has given us fewer new things to say.)

7. Lead with vision and responsibility. True leadership in this era means guiding innovation with a focus on societal impact. (Sci-fi’s biggest questions are now part of our zeitgeist. This is a total WTF moment for us all, so S&S is paying more attention than ever to what we say in our stories.)

You are a part of this transformative wave, with the power to navigate and shape the future, one innovative step at a time.

Or as Mustafa perfectly states it:

“The next wave of technology is not just about what we can create, but about how we choose to create it.”