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Sunday Story Time: Infinite Pieces

I love writing novels, and after having written over two-hundred of them, my affection for the format clearly runs deep. That expansive canvas allows me ample space to explore ideas in depth from multiple perspectives, taking readers on emotional journeys with swelling intensity that builds toward a significant payoff.

The novel, with intricate plots and deep character development, provides a unique opportunity to fully immerse oneself in another world and the many lives inside it.

Yet, crafting novels is an endeavor that demands an immense investment of time and words — a luxury that has become increasingly scarce. With my focus shifting toward writing screenplays while simultaneously building out our ghostwriting wing, Invisible Ink Media, my days are now devoted to bringing other storytellers and authors’ dreams to fruition.

This transition, while immeasurably fulfilling, has significantly reduced the time available for long form personal fiction. There are hundreds of ideas in our story garden I would love to write, with more born all the time. I’ll never get to explore even a fraction of them. We also have forty remarkable storytellers in our studio, pitching stories with incredible potential.

Good thing I love turning potential problems into obvious opportunities.

Short stories serve up the perfect space for diving deep into a single character’s perspective and unearthing the gem of an idea in its most concentrated and potent form. A well-written short is not an abbreviated version of the novel idea; it is an opportunity to craft a compelling narrative within a constrained space, where every sentence must drive the narrative forward.

They are also a return to roots. Dave and I started the Dark Crossings short stories to satisfy our readers in between seasons of Yesterday’s Gone more than a decade ago.

Join me every Sunday for a narrative espresso shot — small but mighty tales from our story studio with the power to transport, transform, and transcend, one short at a time.

Next week, we’ll start with our first story, Infinite Doors, by me and Dave, plus the backstory to go with it.

See you then.