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Last Night Never Happened 

Nolon King writes serious thrillers. According to his author bio: 

Nolon King writes smart psychological thrillers designed to leave you on the edge of your seat. His stories are dark, twisty, and often, decidedly close to home.

He’s not afraid to explore the darker side of human nature through stories featuring families torn apart by secrets and lies. If you enjoy reading authors like Darcey Bell and Harlan Coban, movies like A Simple Favor and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, or shows like Ozark and Dead to Me, you’ll love Nolon King.

When he’s not writing, you will find Nolon drinking black coffee and observing humans in their natural habitats.

There are not a lot of lighthearted moments in your average Nolon King book. The purpose of his thrillers is to get your heart pumping hard as your fingers keep turning the pages. I, on the other hand, really love my punchlines. 

I’ve worked on Nolon projects before, and it’s always a sober experience, where my voice is sitting shotgun beside the primary author, enough to disappear entirely. 

Not so on this project. 

When I got the chance write a thriller where all the thriller elements would be totally mapped out for me in a detailed outline, so I could focus on writing Hangover-style out-of-sequence scenes featuring a quirky actress living in her Sunset Boulevard years, I was like, Sign me up twice

And I got to do it with this story twice. 

Besides the book with Nolon, I also wrote the script with Bonnie

The two projects are interestingly different. Same characters and basic premise, but the overall handling of the material varies between the versions, with different twists and turns that will surprise a shared audience who thinks they can anticipate what is coming. 

Daphne Bell was a blast to write in both the screenplay and the book, but screenplays are like story math, with an exacting number of total pages and specific requirements around scene length, until you’re a big enough name to break the rules. 

The book version offered a much wider canvas, wide enough to let Daphne’s already-colorful character unfold like a peacock’s tail. Larger-than-life, flamboyant yet nuanced, a whirlwind of contradictions, vivacious and vulnerable in tandem to command constant attention with her humor and heart.

Last Night Never Happened channels the electric pace of The Flight Attendant with the wild, comedic twists of The Hangover, delivering a story that’s as addictive as it is entertaining, perfect for those of us who thrive on high-speed narratives brimming with unexpected turns.

We’re working on getting the script for this sold, but you can read the novel free for a week here if you promise to review it. 

NOTE: I have no way of knowing if you break your vow, and the best I can hope for is your sub-conscience will send a reminder once you’ve finished the book. So now that the suggestion of leaving a review on Amazon or your favorite retailer has been planted, please enjoy your download!