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Life So Far: Beyond the Memoir

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

But what if the story is your own, and the chapters are the days of your life?

The term “memoir” used to make me uneasy, at least regarding myself. That word felt too grandiose, especially given my age and all the things I still want to do with my life. I would much rather see my story as a work in progress than a manuscript ready for binding.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way, standing at the crossroads of reflection and anticipation, wondering how your story fits into the pages of your life.

Over the last two years I started back at the very beginning of my life, telling that story to myself in the earliest hours whenever time permitted. It’s been the best possible self-care to reconstruct my life and business a paragraph at a time as a way of helping me grow both.

I discovered a profound truth telling my story, piece by piece, to reveal layers of myself I didn’t realize were there.

Each Monday, I’ll be sharing another piece of my story with you. Why? 

Because the value of telling your story is not in the accolades or acknowledgments from others. The true worth comes in the quiet moments of reflection, in connections forged through shared experiences, and in the empowerment of owning your narrative.

As I share my story with you, I encourage you to consider your own. And ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What moments in your life deserve their own chapter, and why?
  • How can the act of sharing your journey help you understand yourself better?
  • In what ways have you changed the narrative of your life through your choices?
  • What obstacles have you overcome that increased your depth and resilience?
  • Who are the characters in your life, and how have they influenced your path?
  • What experiences are you most grateful for?
  • How have those experiences shaped your narrative?
  • How has reflecting on your past helped you to imagine a brighter future?
  • What lessons have you learned that you wish to pass on to others?
  • How can telling your story empower you to live with more purpose?

Seeing the layers of our lives through storytelling helps us to uncover the beauty of our resilience and the strength of our shared humanity. Because if we pay attention, the stories we tell today become our guideposts for tomorrow.

Next Monday we’ll start at the beginning with The Day I Became a Storytelling Entrepreneur.