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Welcome to your Prize Page!

You’ve already been on quite the word adventure with me through the Campfire Mystery Box, and so now I wanted to create a space where you can easily access all the prizes and bonuses I’ve mentioned along the way. 

Your treasure chest, filled with tools and treats to help and delight you on your storytelling adventure. I will add to this page whenever there are permanent parts of the stor

Download any of the following prizes from the Mystery Box so far by clicking on the link: 

Story Development Tools: 

  • Finding Your Story PDF: An assessment sheet to help you uncover your core narratives and gain transformative insights.
  • Endless Ideas: A guide to kickstart your creativity and generate an endless stream of story ideas.
  • The Quick and Dirty Guide to Starting Your Ghostwriting Business: A cheat sheet to help you kickstart your ghostwriting career.

Novels and Short Stories: 

  • Mightier Than the Sword: My novella about AI and corporate greed. 
  • Nostalgia Inc: A Black Mirror-esque novella about a future where memories are sold for ad space. 
  • Infinite Pieces Anthology: Our first collection of short stories, showcasing the diverse voices in our studio.


The One With the Big Reunion Friends Script: A fun script I wrote as a gift for Cindy, perfect for studying TV writing techniques.

Inspirational Reading: 

Typin’ ‘Bout My Generation by Ninie Hammon: A book about the importance of getting your story out there, free for you to download.

This page will be updated on the 17th of every month with new offers and goodies. 

July 17: Plotting Success
August 17: Author Click 
September 17: MemoLoom