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Robot Proletariat 

“It’s like Downton Abby with robots!” 

That was the original pitch for Robot Proletariat as conceived by Johnny and myself the one time we met up in person while we both still lived in Ohio — at some mall in Columbus, roughly midway between his place in Medina and mine in Cincinnati.

We were trying to break the story for what would be the third of our serious pilots. The first was Namaste, a story about a pacifist monk on a murderous rampage of revenge. The second was Cursed, our shape-shifting horror novel. Robot Proletariat would be our take on man versus machine.

Episode 1 turned into a six-part serial, which then bred an aborted sequel, and eventually, a gigantic world shared by several authors in our studio, and even a couple outside of it, before it shrank back down again to become a five-book series from me and Johnny. But Robot Proletariat was destined to become something more than its simple descriptor from that very first episode.

The story went in so many places we never expected over the course of our series, but the robots were doing their own thing from the very first book. As is always the way, there were elements in the outline Johnny took to places I never imagined. Sexbots were always a part of the story, but mostly because they were funny. 

Only after getting into the story did we realize how much impact those sexbots would have on their world. How much their collective need for for freedom would drive the universal arc. 

Robot Proletariat isn’t just a world we love to write in, the narrative has a lot on its mind. We wrote and released an entire sophomore season, then thought better of it, deciding the work wasn’t good enough. 

So we scrapped the 1.0, started over, expanded the world with a 2000-year timeline, and rewrote the second book, now with the sexbots as major players. 

The third and fourth books were hard to write, but rewarding to finish. The final book, Reboot, was hardest of all. It took us more than a year. We started and stopped a couple of times, feeling the responsibility of getting that last one especially right. 

There are so many characters to love in this series, both human and robot. There are also characters to hate. Others you can admire or laugh with. Some of the arcs in this series are as surprising as anything we’ve ever created.  

Robot Proletariat is like Asimov rebooted by Christopher Nolan, by way of Spike Jonze. Perfect for readers who like their robot stories smart and maybe a little dirty.

You can download the first season of the series here