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I Saved You a Seat by My Fire

We’ve been drawn to the flicker of firelight and the lure of a well-spun story since the dawn of humanity.

Stories transport, transform, and unite us in shared imagination. 

With hundreds of bestsellers and ghostwritten books that have generated millions of dollars, I not only understand the unparalleled power of storytelling, I’ve used this magic to sculpt my dream life from the raw materials of imagination.

The Campfire Mystery Box is a story-driven email adventure, delivering inspiration and storytelling knowhow to your inbox.

We agree: there are too many newsletters out there, and we’re both short on time. 

I have enough writing on my calendar to make my scream for asylum, but the Mystery Box is still deeply important to me. 

So to hell with calling it a newsletter. You’re signing up for an experiment in narrative connection, where I promise to value our time together with brutal honesty, hard-won epiphanies, and the occasional unicorn sighting.

I will make you laugh, and think, perhaps even cry a few times, if you’re tender like me.

Through a series of exclusive stories, you’ll learn practical techniques to sharpen your own storytelling through a mystery box of narrative, never with anything to buy, and sometimes with free prizes in the box, just like your cereal on Saturday morning as a kid.

Life is better with the right words; it’s phenomenal with the right stories.

I can help you get better at telling yours.