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Hey there fellow storyteller, 

Thank you for coming to sit by my fire. 

Time is more important than money (once our needs for survival are met), and you’ve chosen to given me some of yours. 

We can agree that’s a big deal. 

We can also agree that it’s on me to earn your attention.

But I need to make sure I have your best email before adding you to The Campfire Mystery Box. The automated system over at ConvertKit (the email marketing service we use here and at Sterling & Stone) probably already launched a message to your inbox. 

Find that email, click the link inside, and BOOM! 

A second later you’ll be next to the fire, ready for all the stories. 

In the future, one of those stories will be about why the word BOOM! (including the all-caps spelling and exclamation point) is so important in our studio.  

Warning: emails these days can be masters of disguise. 

Please peek inside your spam folder if you’re having a hard time finding the confirmation email.

Everyone has a storyteller inside them. Learning to leverage your stories improves your life. 

This email adventure is going to be fire!