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The Magic of Flywheels for Hyper-Growth

Flywheels are constantly improving my life. 

The concept, popularized by Jim Collins, represents a powerful principle in business, but it’s no less effective for personal growth. Turning a flywheel is never about one grand gesture, it’s the accumulation of consistent actions that generate significant momentum. 

Picture a merry-go-round. Initially, it takes considerable effort to get the platform moving, but once it’s going, you can keep it spinning fast with only a light touch. 

We have three primary flywheels at Sterling & Stone: IP, publishing, and ghosting. Each of these components of our business operates independently while also plugging into the primary engine for explosive growth over time. 

Intellectual Property 

Sterling & Stone is an IP incubator with a publishing arm. Selling and licensing our intellectual property is our primary business, and the longest game we play. 

Hollywood does not move at the entrepreneurial speed our studio thrives on, but the eventual rewards are even more monumental than the effort required to push it. So while our IP flywheel grinds slowly through the gears of a fickle industry’s intricate machinery, we strategically nurture and position projects, understanding that alignment with the right industry players takes time, but will ultimately catalyze our efforts into unprecedented success for our studio. 


Recognizing that the traditional publishing model is often misaligned with the needs of modern authors and audiences, S&S needed to reimagine the paradigm for ourselves. Far from an overnight revelation, our insights were born after a decade-long odyssey of relentless iteration and innovation.

Recognizing that outsized success in publishing won’t come from one-off hits or sporadic breakthroughs, we’ve built a self-sustaining ecosystem of content that resonates on multiple levels. By focusing on premium books and authors poised for mainstream recognition alongside profit lines ensuring steady revenue, we’ve crafted a dual-track strategy that caters to our creative ambitions and financial health with the precision of a well-calibrated machine. 

This approach has allowed us to sidestep the pitfalls of a broken system, creating a publishing flywheel that spins with the energy of constant innovation and strategic foresight. Surviving in a challenging industry isn’t enough. We want to thrive by rewriting the rules of engagement for the benefit of our studio and its pool of talented storytellers. 


Sterling & Stone’s sister business, Invisible Ink Media, provides us with a two-fold opportunity: a revenue stream and a relationship builder. Collaborating with studios, production companies, celebrities, thought leaders, and leading entrepreneurs generates consistent income while forging powerful connections that enhance our reputation and extend our network. 

Each ghostwriting engagement feeds into our flywheel, strengthening our studio with every successful project, and illustrating the symbiotic relationship between financial gain and strategic partnership at its finest.

The flywheels are all powerful individually, but interlocked with the others, creating a dynamic engine that propels us forward. Synergy amplifies our efforts, ensuring that every story we tell, every project we undertake, and every partnership we forge contributes to a larger narrative of the studio’s success. 

But wait, there’s more! 

My Personal Flywheel

After a period of intentional retreat, I recognized that re-engaging with the world through my personal brand could be the catalyst for accelerating all of Sterling & Stone’s flywheels. 

Ghosting is easy for me because self-promotion feels so uncomfortable. I needed to see my time online as activating many things at once. In the relationship-driven world of ideas and innovation, every authentic connection I make has the potential to spark a future partnership or opportunity. 

Consistently turning this personal flywheel — engaging with others, sharing insights, and building a strong network— means I’m investing in the future of Sterling & Stone, alongside my own development.  

Because I always grow by writing like this. 

So each day, as I dedicate time and energy to this fourth flywheel and witness the incremental acceleration of our collective efforts.

The power of the flywheel lies not just in its ability to drive success, but in its transformative effect on our mindset, reminding us that growth is not a destination.

This flywheel mindset empowers us to face challenges head-on, knowing that every obstacle overcome is another step towards unprecedented success (because if it’s not the ending, then it’s only a plot twist!). 

What flywheels are you already pushing? And is there an area in your life where you could gain momentum by building a new one?