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Whitespace was my first favorite series, and the peak of my initial creative phase with Dave.

Yesterday’s Gone will always have the glory of going first, being the most ambitious, and also the most outright fun out of that first big wave of books with Dave — starting with the first two seasons of YG, then ForNevermore, followed by WhiteSpace and a third season of Yesterday’s Gone.

Then we signed a deal with 47North and fell off the rails for a while.

That story is coming henceforth.

Yesterday’s Gone deserved the attention it received. The series was bold and all over the place. It had the greatest fanbase, and that enthusiastic group grew by the week. We got to write Boricio.

But WhiteSpace was still my favorite series. It had a better cast overall, tighter plotting, and an understanding of where we were ultimately going as creators by coming much closer to the TV experience we were always trying to emulate.

WhiteSpace was our fourth series. By then we were thinking like show runners. The scope of stories like Yesterday’s Gone and ForNevermore are vast, because they include massive set pieces like an emptied out Times Square and a parallel universe with zeppelins, minotaurs, towering black walls, and half-robot, half-human queens.

That shit would cost a fortune on TV. At least one Witcher.

WhiteSpace took place on a small island outside of Puget Sound, with my pre-production eyes on both location and budget. Dave played along. We watched a lot of The Killing to tighten our vibe.

Family secrets, seemingly contagious insanity, and an entire island community living inside what feels like it might be some sort of massive petri dish.

Ingredients in the kind of compelling television we could never get enough of.

Hamilton Island looks like the perfect home. Maybe it would be, if it wasn’t filled with tomorrow’s nightmares …

This Puget Sound bedroom community has it all – beautiful homes with white picket fences, a thriving tech sector, and one of the best school systems in the state.

But not everything is as it seems.

People on the island go missing all the time.

Its residents are being watched.

And controlled.

When a school shooting rocks the quiet community, Jon Conway returns home to make peace with his past and care for the daughter he never knew he had. When his daughter goes missing, he follows a broken trail of family secrets and betrayal that may just end him.

Cassidy Hughes has never been able to live in her twin sister’s shadow. Now that Sarah is dead, Cass must overcome her addiction to care for her niece. But she starts to remember something that happened long ago — something that is still happening on Hamilton Island today.

Milo Anderson was lucky to survive the school shooting. But he’s about to learn that the incident wasn’t nearly as random as it seemed. And when someone reaches out claiming to know the truth, Milo is convinced he’s being watched. He also wonders how much his best friend, Alex, knows so much about the shooting.